Direct Care

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360 Dermatology's

Direct Care Model

Why This Works

Providing direct care to you cuts costs, provides transparency, and simplifies medical care for the patient and physician.

Easy Access to Care

We understand that this may not be the preferred option for everyone. However, we believe that, direct care offers easy access to affordable services for all individuals. It allows us to practice honest medicine where we wont provide care based on complex insurance policies and coverage. There is an added benefit for those with high deductible insurance policies and those who have no insurance coverage.

Decreasing Costs

Direct care models decrease costs by cutting out the overhead that comes with dealing with third parties (insurance companies, government agencies, employers and other regulations) that often dictate when, how and the type of care you receive. The cost of your complete office visit is generally no more than most people’s cell phone bill or a special meal with your family. You will know exactly what the costs are before services are rendered.

Get the Best Care

This modern, progressive practice model will restore the traditional doctor-patient relationship. It will allow Dr. Clemetson to spend more quality time face-to-face with you, customize the best treatment plan for you and decrease your wait time to be seen by a dermatologist.