Insurance Reimbursements

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Insurance Reimbursements Information


All patients will need to sign a “Private Contract” before being seen for any medical services at 360 Dermatology.

Private Insurance Reimbursement

For patients with private insurance (non-Medicaid, non-Medicare) this means that you would pay 3Sixty Dermatology directly for your care. However, these insurers may reimburse you for medically necessary services provided by out-of-network doctors.

Insurance Policy

360 Dermatology does not accept insurance and is considered an out-of-network with all insurance plans.

Your Responsibility

It is the patient’s (insured) responsibility to verify the rules regulating reimbursement with their insurance providers. Upon request, we may provide you with an itemized and coded form and the appropriate out-of-network healthcare reimbursement form to submit to your insurance company for reimbursement.

Government Insurance Information

Due to government regulations, patients with Medicaid, Medicare, Medicare Supplements, Tricare or other government insurance programs can be seen for medical services but cannot be reimbursed by their insurance for services rendered at 3Sixty Dermatology. This, however, does NOT change any of your Medicaid or Medicare benefits in any way and your insurance will remain in full effect for lab, imaging, hospitalization, and all other services provided by doctors who participate with your plan. This only means that Medicaid or Medicare will not be charged in any way for the services rendered by Dr. Clemetson or at 360 Dermatology.