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Skin Disorders

We treat a wide variety of conditions that affect children and adults, from eczema and acne to chronic complex skin conditions.

Hair Loss & Restoration

Hair loss is evaluated thoroughly and methodically at a dedicated appointment to ensure that the problem receives the time and attention it deserves.

Cosmetic Treatment

All of our treatments are physician-performed ensuring best care and best results. Rest assured you are in good hands, contact us for a full list of current trreatments.

Tailoring health solutions for you.

Helping you understand what your body is telling you via your skin and hair.

360 Dermatology takes a holistic medical approach to providing long term solutions to improve your quality of life

The Diamond standard in Dermatology!

“Improving lives, creating smiles ”

Hi, I'm Dr. Nashay Clemetson!

Clemetson, MD, FAAD

I’m passionate about helping you feel more confident in your skin to be your best self.

As a board-certified dermatologist, I am fellowship-trained in Ethnic Skin dermatology.

I have a special interest in treating patients with skin of color, and with hair loss. I was the first Ethnic Skin Fellow in Dermatology at Johns Hopkins University, where I honed my skills and love in treating skin of color.

What do people say?

360 Dermatology was a last resort for me. I had been battling acne on my face and back for years prior to my visit there. Right away Dr. Clemetson found a prescription acne medication that worked for me. It was nothing like what I had used in the past because this one had visible results that began appearing days after use. It was an incredible experience and thanks to the amazing dermatologist at 360 Dermatology, my skin has never looked better:)))
Dr. Clemetson is a warm and caring individual. I felt at ease to discuss with her the issues that affected me. She checked on me after my procedure and was always accessible when I had questions. She's truly a gem! -

Packages & Pricing

We offer a direct care model, providing medical care when you need it, without hindrance from outside parties. There are no hidden fees, no surprise bills, no co-pays, and no insurance middlemen.

This is NOT a concierge model. There is NO membership fee.

This allows us to spend more quality time face-to-face with you, so we can customize the best treatment plan for you and decrease your wait time to be seen.

First Visit

Single lesion evaluation, acne follow-up or cyst injection | wart treatment | eczema follow-up | pediatric visit

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Established Visit

Hair/scalp evaluation, acne | multiple warts | skin cancer screening/full-body skin exam | rash affecting 1 body area

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Virtual Visit

Typical conditions covered: Acne | Discoloration | Eczema | Rash | Rosacea | Skincare Routine

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